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Check out this video for the song “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)” off of Uncle Tony’s comedy music album Mood Swings!

There are a bunch of pics of the girls in the Gallery on this site as well, enjoy!!

Uncle Tony has produced a new comedy music album called “Uncle Tony’s Mood Swings”. It is a crass and callous collection of cleaverly crafted comedic creations carefully culled… okay, enough of that

14 songs about everything, including how one young man finds love on the internet, an ode to hipster douchebags, (finally) a song for people who act like jerks, homemade movies with a certain lovely NASCAR driver, tig ol’ bitties, and more.

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On this site you will also find a video for the first song on the album “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)”, and a photo gallery featuring the lovely ladies in that video. Chances are we will be seeing more of them in the future. :)

This site is also the only place where you can hear “That Metal Song!”, Uncle Tony’s heavy metal tribute song. The song features characters Jay and Nug, metalhead stoners that live in their mom’s basement, smoke a lot of pot, and play video games while listening to heavy metal. It’s pretty funny, especially if you are a metal fan… “that’s f**kin’ metal, dude, period!”

Jeremy Hummel, original drummer for Breaking Benjamin, pounds out the ever-changing riff-fest with power and finesse, while Uncle Tony slams through guitar riff after guitar riff of classic metal gold. It builds up to this amazing guitar solo where UT rips through several signature metal solo licks over rhythm patterns from different songs, culminating in a huge climax with a twist at the end.

Ronnie would be proud :)

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“That’s fuckin’ metal, dude, PERIOD!” – Jay and Nug present “That Metal Song!!!”

CRANK IT!!! \m/

*This song has nothing to do with the VH1 Classic show That Metal Show... other than they both freakin' rock!

About Uncle Tony


Uncle Tony gets hitched!!

It seems as though these days that the world is, um… going freakin’ CRAZY! Everyone is fighting with everyone else, everyone is so stressed out, and a lot of people think that the end is near. And they may be right. We’ve lost confidence in our government, the price of everything has shot through the roof, and everyone seems to think that they are some kind of armchair expert on everything from politics to religion to what you should eat and what you should wear. So much stress and bickering and constant noise can’t possibly be good for anyone. So what can we do to restore sanity in this country?

Probably nothing, everyone is screwed… :(

But one of the best ways to deal with stress and pressure is to laugh. A lot. Often. When you laugh, atleast for a moment, you forget all that is troubling you and you can just let yourself go, relax, calm your nerves, and escape this cold, cruel world if only for a moment. Then maybe… just maybe… you won’t find yourself perched atop a hotel roof looking through the scope of a high-powered rifle during rush hour.

Atleast not today… :)

…and along came Uncle Tony!

In an effort to provide some of this much needed laughter and prevent the aforementioned onslaught Uncle Tony has produced a new comedy music album, “Uncle Tony’s Mood Swings”, which showcases his perverse and generally politically incorrect sense of humor, as well as his maniacal musical mind. A lifelong musician and performer Uncle Tony is an extremely talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with years of experience performing and recording. He wrote all of the songs on “Mood Swings”, sang almost every note, and played 95% of all of the instruments. To find out more about the recording please read on…

“Mood Swings”

Some of the song titles on “Mood Swings” include “Down In a Hole”, performed by the Funkheads, a funk rock outfit a la the Red Hot Chili Peppers; “Cyber Love”, a modern punk rock song about an internet porn chick, a detuned 7 string death march by 666 pound rocker Phat Phuck; the albums lead track “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)” done by Skeeter Teet and His Big Jug Band (pictured in the Gallery below), and many more. All of the songs are well-produced, well-performed, and freakin’ hilarious!

Although the album credits over ten different “artists” on “Mood Swings” in reality it was all written and performed by Uncle Tony, with a little help from his friends. Guests on the recording include drummer Kevin Soffera (Greg Howe, Seether, Breaking Benjamin) and original Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel. Top shelf banjo picker Billy Cox plays on “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)” as does fiddler extraordinaire Eric Felder. Chief Engineer Richard Rupert plays a mean jug on the same track, accompanied by the Big Jug Band singing “Tig Ol’ Bitties”! Every other sound on the album was made by Uncle Tony.

But beware, this recording is not for the weak, meek, or easily offended (and definitely not for children!). No one is spared in such songs as “Don’t Be a Dick” and “Goat Roper”, and the Barry White-inspired “Let Me Love You (All Over (Your Face))” choked out by R&B up-and-comer Gusher is just plain wrong! With “Mood Swings” Uncle Tony unleashes a good backhand to just about everyone under the sun. No one is safe, nothing is off limits, and obviously Uncle Tony’s eagerness to rough people up knows no boundaries. Besides, people like it rough… kitties and bunnies aren’t funny!

Hey, no one ever said he was sweet. Damn funny, though… but don’t say we didn’t warn you! ;)

“Uncle Tony’s Mood Swings” is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and many other retail outlets on the web, as well as RIGHT HERE. Check back often or “like” us on Facebook to find out more! You can also follow Uncle Tony on Twitter@UncleTonysNuts.


Please feel free to fill out the contact form if you would like to be in the loop about Uncle Tony’s career, the “Mood Swings” release, live appearances, and opportunities to win cool free stuff. We won’t spam you every other day or send you offers for boner pills, just relevant info.

Photo Gallery

From time to time we will be posting pictures and videos on the site. Here is the video for “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)”. Below that is a Gallery of pics of the Big Jug Band taken during the video shoot . There are a lot more pics to come… :)

If you like this stuff please DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE ALBUM, only 10 bucks, and it’s for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds generated by this particular song will be donated to the fight against breast cancer, a cause that is very near and dear to Uncle Tony’s heart.

This is Ashley, Amy, and Missy, Skeeter Teet’s Big Jug Band!” They are the stars from “The Story of Tig (Ol’ Bitties)” video, and they actually sang on the track as well.

“Oh shucks…”

You’re welcome… :)

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